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 State of the World Address from Vital

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PostSubject: State of the World Address from Vital   Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:23 pm

Community Manager, VitalBullet:

Hiya Folks,

So as it stands currently the
game is being kept up and running via a small team of people whom remain at Quicklime. The aim at the moment is of course making sure the game remains online and to ensure that some content is still released and e-commerce efforts are upheld along with of course given the community some events to partake in. Most of which are easier to cover due to less specialization.

The small team will be handing over the game in the coming months to another team who will continue doing the same until everything has settled comfortably in place.

As others have already pointed this is not like handing someone something small and just saying "here you go". The team taking over the game already have projects of their own and work to do, thus planning needs to be made in regards to team restructuring before we can even consider the handover. Once that is done then there needs to be a trade/handover of knowledge and training in regards to the various parts of the game's development. This ranges from the various contacts, coders, engineers, artists, designers and so on.

As you can imagine... this is a long process, probably lasting several months and there is still a lot left to do.

Because this is a long process, there is little at the moment in terms of information that would give you an idea of what's to come and how long is left... not to mention that it's still unclear to us as to when it will be complete.

I can say that there are still a bunch of new things waiting in the pipeline that you folks will be able to get you hands on for a few more months yet. We have yet to see what will be coming beyond that but we'll be sure to let you know closer to that time.


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PostSubject: Re: State of the World Address from Vital   Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:56 pm


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State of the World Address from Vital
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