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 some of the MP mods explained

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PostSubject: some of the MP mods explained   Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:39 am

Black Ops: Latest Intel
Wager Matches - Gun Game and Sharpshooter

News: October 18th, 2010119 Comments

You’ve seen the trailer and you know what you’re up against. Wager Matches are all about taking a chance at increasing your total COD Points, but fail to perform and you might find yourself scrounging for currency.

While One in the Chamber and Sticks and Stones test your skills with limited resources, you’d better be good with every weapon if you hope to make the top three in Gun Game and Sharpshooter.

The Gun Game

Start out with a basic pistol. After every kill, you get a better weapon. Take someone out with the pistol; you’ll be loading up the shotgun. Blast an enemy with that and you’re rolling out an SMG. From there, things only get better. Get knifed and you’re set back one tier. Progress through every tier to get In the Money.

To reach the top, you’re going to have to widen the gap between you and your opponents as quickly as possible in the early stages of the match. It’s tempting to find a strong position and play it safe against players running by, shooting them from an angle or slashing them to upset their progress.

Always keep in mind, however, that if you’re hanging back, other players are racking up kills and getting stronger and stronger weapons. Then again, it’s more difficult to watch your back while running and gunning, leaving you open to crossfire and knife attacks. Success depends on your ability to utilize each weapon tier and adjust your strategy accordingly.


All players start with the same randomly selected weapon, and only that weapon. The chosen weapon for everyone cycles after fixed amounts of time. Each kill earns you a perk, and stringing kills earns you a score multiplier. Die and you lose both.

Because everyone’s using the same weapon at all times, take into account not only the best strategy for each new weapon, but also the strategy you can expect your enemies to adapt to at each cycle. If you cycle into sniper rifles, you might be better off taking cover near the top of a stairwell, taking out the assured flood of soldiers rushing to high ground. SMGs all around? You can bet there’ll be a lot of running and gunning. Join in the fray or hold back and gun down inattentive players.

Initially, everyone’s on the same playing field, but the more uninterrupted kills you get, the more powerful you become and the more valuable your kills are.

* 1st kill: Sleight of Hand Pro
* 2nd kill: Lightweight Pro
* 3rd kill: Steady Aim Pro
* 4th kill: 2x scoring multiplier

While you may all have the same weapon, these perks give you a decided advantage over freshly killed players. Die and you’ve got to start all over again. This makes it especially important to know when to attack and when to defend. Luckily, not all is lost if you start to fall behind.

Sharpshooter ends with a Bonus round, where all kills are worth twice the number of points – 4 times if you’ve got the multiplier running. Build up your multiplier and hold out for the Bonus round. If you can stay alive long enough to get some kills during the final moments, you’ll likely come up from behind and get In the Money.

How will you manage the balancing act? Will you take your chances and run and gun, hoping to rack up a lot of kills in a short amount of time, or will you stalk the map, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike?

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some of the MP mods explained
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