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 Changing your FOV

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PostSubject: Changing your FOV   Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:26 am

From one of the BFBC2 devs

Quote :
Unfortunately, changing your FOV is not a straightforward option setting in the game. To change you FOV you will have to navigate to the BFBC2 folder under your My Documents folder and edit the "Settings.ini" file. You should see a default setting for the FOV, which would read "FOV = 55". Make sure the game isn't running when you change this setting.

I changed mine to 65 which seems like more of a natural PC FOV, but you're free to change it to *almost* whatever you like (there is a limit to prevent cheating in Multiplayer).

While you're editing the FOV I highly recommend changing the game's audio quality to "High". NOTE: If changing the audio to high creates a drop in performance you will have to go back and change it to whatever the previous setting was by editing the settings.ini file.


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Changing your FOV
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